Increasingly, the citizens of the world generally look to Portugal as his destination of choice for their permanent residence.

Having a quality of life, sustained by: unpolluted environment, public safety, mild climate, landscape, healthy cooking and acceptable cost of living, is the desire of any individual for good, regardless of gender, social status, religion, ethnicity, or even age group.

Portugal throughout of his history´s years has always maintained a very cordial social and commercial relationship with all the world. The great demand for this country as a final destination by citizens outside the area of ​​free movement of people  in the EU (European Union) and Schengen area confirms this reality.

This demand was one of the pillars that led Portugal, along with the other EU countries, to create this acceptance model, entitled: ARI - Investment Residence Permit, better known as Visa Gold.

There are many countries that have joined this application over the last few years.

Asian and Latin American countries, notably China and Brazil, benefit most from this perk.

Brazilian investors have a big advantage in this demand; The Portuguese language, used as the mother tongue in both countries, is one of the great strengths of this great adhesion.


Why Portugal?

- It has been an example in the organization of a financial management, recovering from a major economic crisis stemming from a global conjuncture, which has hit most of the countries of Europe drastically;

- It is the fourth safest country in the world;

- Efficient public health service;

- Universities are among the top international rankings;

- Became an entrepreneurial hub, being one of Europe´s leading startup hubs;

- It hosts the world´s largest technology and innovation event, the Web Summit.


Portugal is, in the eyes of the world, the focus of attraction to real estate investment.

It has the longest coastline of the EU, with mild water temperature, and beaches with yellow sand of almost unique quality on our planet.

In the Camões´s country, the most cosmopolitan cities such as Lisbon and Porto stand out. However, there are other locations that, due to their natural beauty, climate and great security, are gaining more and more prominence, as is the case of Madeira Island.

Considered the Jewel of Portugal, Madeira, due to its stunning natural beauty, mild climate and clean waters, is a 90-minute flight from the capital.

It is one of the richest natural beauties in the world!

Its Laurissilva forest, which occupies about 20% of the island´s territory, is considered by UNESCO as World Heritage, as you can see on the link: (https://www.unescoportugal.mne.pt/en/temas/proteger-o -our-heritage-and-promote-creativity / world-heritage-in-portugal / laurissilva-na-madeira forest)

For the sixth time, it has been recognized by the 2019 World Travel Awards as Europe´s Best Island Destination - an award that is awarded annually for the excellence of the island regions that stand out for their quality of tourism.

With a low cost of living compared to other regions, and an enviable quality of life, it has become a major attraction for applying for permanent residence through the ARI - Investment Residence Permit program.


How ARI Works, also known as Golden Visa

This program, launched by the Portuguese authorities, is a quick way for investors to obtain a fully valid residence permit in Portugal and thus to obtain free and easy access to all Schengen member countries.

The Schengen area is an area considered without internal borders within the EU, where European citizens and non-EU citizens (as long as they hold permits) can move freely without being subject to any border controls. This space, since its inception in 1985, has been growing gradually. Its universe now covers almost all EU countries and some associated countries.

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